What is Lock Sound on iPhone?

Have you ever wondered why your iPhone makes a sound anytime you turn off your iPhone screen? Are you curious to discover the reason for your phone’s sound once you turn the screen back? This article will uncover all you need to know about Lock sound on iPhones.

iPhone devices can play audio alerts from movies, videos, and even text messages. Still, if you’re an empathetic person, you’ll find that there are other noises that iPhones make that fall under a different category, and one such is ‘Lock Sound.’

We often consult our Sound Menu when changing our ringtones or text messages’ sound. However, we need to realize that many other settings can be done on our sound menu, as these options are relatively small.

If you are just like me, who love changing my ringtone frequently, then it’s obvious you must have come across other options like lock sound and ponder whether to turn it on or leave it off. 

Lock sound is a silent beep or doorbell-like sound you hear anytime you push the side button of your iPhone to either Sleep or Wake option. The sound helps notify locked devices without you having to look at the phone screen.

If you’re an iOS user who utilizes her iPhone keypad very well, then you’ll agree with me that there is some clicking sound you hear whenever you type something on your iOS keyboard. In addition, the lock sound is an extension of the sound you hear whenever you order on a keyboard.

Most people love hearing these sounds when they type and put their device to sleep, while this sound is annoying and unnecessary to others. 

Lock sound only sounds whenever you put your phone to sleep. Once you push the power button to enable your iPhone screen to come on, the same sound gets played in the background. The sound helps you know the current status of your device, so you don’t need to stay glued to the device to see when the screen is on and turned off.

So, to be precise, a lock sound refers to the sound beeping backward when you lock your iPhone device or turn off the power button. It also refers to the beeping sound you hear when you take a snapshot or type on a keyboard.


How to Turn On Lock Sound on iPhone

Below is a guide on how to turn on the lock sound on iPhone.

1) Tap on the ‘Settings app and click on the gear symbol on the Lock Circle screen.

2) Select the applicable device’s Lock Settings

3) Based on your preferred sound, toggle the ‘Lock Sound On’ option

Now you’re set and can turn on the lock sound on your iPhone device.

How to Adjust Lock Screen Sound on iPhone With Custom Lock Adjustment

Custom Lock Adjustment is one fantastic feature that allows you to customize and adjust the lock screen sound on your iPhone device. Unfortunately, the custom tweak can also serve as a jailbreak as well. 

iPhone Custom Lock adjustment allows iOS to alter the lock screen sound to any audio of their choice. So if you feel the default backward beep sound you produce is annoying, this is one fantastic tool you’ll enjoy using.

You only need to select your preferred audio and replace it with the default sound currently active on your iPhone device. Another unique feature is that it doesn’t affect your device system settings.

If you would love to modify your lock sound using the iOS custom lock, here’s a guide to help you out.

1) Install the custom lock tweak from your Apple store

2) Once you’ve completed the download, tap the Settings icon on your device and scroll down the list of options to select the Custom Lock option.

3) Enable the Custom Lock option by clicking the ‘Enable Tweak’ button on the right-hand side of the tab. You’ll find opportunities to enable or disable vibration mode, and you may decide to switch it on or turn it off, depending on your preference.

4) Select Sound Alternatives, and you’ll see a list of over eight different sound options. Select one out of the eight options provided.

5) Once you’ve selected your preferred sound option, Click the ‘Respring’ button. Doing this would permit your phone to change your previous settings of lock sound to a new one.

6) Locate the Lock Screen Default Page. If you don’t want the custom lock tweak sound, you can return to the default lock screen audio by clicking the ‘None’ button.

If you feel the lock screen sound is annoying and you wish to obliterate it, here’s how to disable the lock sound.

How to Disable iPhone Lock Sound

Deactivating the lock sound on iPhone is straightforward to do. The iPhone has a built-in option that helps you easily disable your iPhone lock sound.

Follow the steps below to deactivate the lock sound on your iPhone.

1) Tap on the Settings app, and you’ll find a list of options.

2) Slide down and search for ”Sounds and Haptics”. On older iPhones, search for ‘Sound’ instead,  so if you have prior iOS series, you’ll need to click on the ‘sound’ option.

3) Slide down the Sound and Haptics, and locate the options icon where you’ll find Lock Sound.

4) Rotate the switch to the right to turn it off. You confirm the lock sound is completely off when the button turns white instead of green when you push it to the left.

Once you’ve done this, you can quickly return to your home screen by tapping the ‘Home’ button. 

The above steps disable the lock screen sound entirely, but if you wish to disable the lock sound temporarily, then you can follow the instructions below.

1) Locate the Ring/Silent feature on your iPhone device. you’ll find this at the top-most corner of your device

2) Activate the Silent feature, which automatically puts your device on silent mode. 

The only problem with this method is that it puts your device in total silence, affecting other audio sounds like ringtones and message tones.

How To Fix the Issue of Lock Sound Not Working

Does your iPhone produce zero sound whenever you snap a picture? Did your keyboard click stop making any sound, and do you need to know what could have led to the sudden halt?

If you didn’t deactivate your lock sound or place your device on silence, you’d most likely be pondering why you didn’t hear any shutting sound when you locked your iPhone.

Several reasons could lead to your lock sound not producing any beep but not to worry, as we’ll show you a few things you can attempt to restore the functionality of your lock noises.

1) Reset Your Device Settings

Resetting your settings would help reset all iOS default settings and help your device function properly;  This doesn’t lead to any data loss.

Although resetting your settings would revert some customized settings to default, it’s much less work than a complete restoration.

2) Turn On and Off your Vibrate Switch

If your device lock sound isn’t functioning correctly, you can check your iPhone to see if you turned on vibrate mode.

Check out to know if other audio sounds are coming through appropriately by toggling the switch a few times. If it exists, you need to look for a button and proceed with the hardware-related issue at that time.

3) Check for iOS Update

Most times, your lock sound could stop functioning because you’re operating on an outdated iOS OS. So always ensure you look out for updates on newer versions and update your device to current versions. Upgrading often restores lock sounds.

Frequently Asked Questions on Lock Sound on iPhone.

1) Can you add sound to your iPhone lock screen?

Absolutely yes, adding sound to your lock screen is possible and helps you know when you turn off your screen without looking at your device. 

To add a lock sound to your iPhone screen, open the settings app on your device, locate the settings menu, and click on the gear symbol on the lock circle screen of your device.

Select the relevant lock settings and toggle on the lock sound.

2) Where can I find the iPhone’s lock sound setting?

As earlier stated, Lock sound is the sound your device makes when you push the right-hand button to lock your screen; to locate the lock sound settings on iPhones, Go to settings and click on ”Sounds & Haptics”.

3. Should the iPhone’s lock sound be turned on or off?

Turning the iPhone lock sound on or off depends on the user’s preference. If you love the sound, your phone makes when you turn off the screen, you can decide to leave it on, but if you find the lock sound annoying, you’ll most definitely keep it off.

4. Why is the sound of my iPhone lock so quiet?

iPhone lock sound by default is loud, but if you’re experiencing an issue of low sound when your screen goes off, then you can correct this by

a) Tapping on the Settings app

b) Locate Sounds & Haptics

c) Locate Change with Buttons and tap on Activate it

d) Use the Ringer and Alerts option and slide around the volume to select your desired volume level.

5. Why don’t I hear anything from my phone?

If you cannot hear anything from your phone, you will need to check the settings option on your device. Then, adjust the options and try muting the lock sound separately from each app from your volume control panel.

Check the app’s sound settings if you don’t hear sound in one of its apps. In the app, the sound may be muted or turned down low.

6. Will I hear the lock sound if my iPhone is on silent mode?

Absolutely No. Once your phone is silent, it shuts out every form of audio, including ring sounds, text messages, and all others.


All gadgets have several features that may be likable to some and annoying to others. But your ability to understand how these features work would help you fully optimize your device and select the ones that suit your preference.

The lock screen is a feature on all iPhone devices, and your ability to understand its functionality would help you decide how best to utilize it.

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