Top 13 Best Countries to Study Abroad Free

Education seems to be expensive in most of the countries in the world. Every year, in many countries, people pay thousands of dollars to just get a degree. So, it seems like there is no place where education is free.

Though in most of the countries education is imparted in exchange for cash, there are also a lot of countries and universities where students can get the education free of cost. So here, we have got the list of top universities in Europe that offer tuition fee-free education and the universities that offer education at a lower cost.

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have studying abroad is that it is super expensive and you can do it only when you collect a lot of savings, if you have rich parents or if you manage to get a scholarship but that’s completely not true because if you do the proper research you will actually realize that there are tons of opportunities out there to study abroad for free now.


What this means is that in some countries you don’t have to pay any tuition fees at all and in a few countries, you just have to pay small amounts which is10 to 15 times cheaper than countries like Canada or the United States.

I have listed all those countries here with affordable cost of living for you along with how much it will cost you per month as a student to live there and all the benefits that you can receive as a student like free travel, great mobile plans , free developer tools and even free Amazon prime membership.

Let’s go ahead and get started with the list of top universities in Europe that offer education free of the tuition fee even for Degree & Post-Degree Study of Courses.


Many of the countries that you can study abroad for free are located in Europe. They include:

• Sweden
• Austria
• Denmark
• Finland
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Norway
• Poland
• Slovenia
• Scotland
• Czech Republic
• Spain

The public Universities in Germany do not charge ANY tuition fees for ANY student; this applies to both EU Students and Non-EU Students. Private Universities in Germany (just like in any other country) charge tuition fees for their courses, but public universities still maintain high education standards. There are more than 40 world-leading German Universities. The only fee that you have to pay to German Universities is a small administrative fee of 200-300 EUR per semester. This fee covers FREE public transport and discounts on mobile phone plans. If you can speak German, then you can enroll in a German program; there are many English programs available as well.

(Learning German will make it easier to live and communicate in Germany).

Universities in France are offering a lot more scholarships for students who can’t afford tuition, but are still academically inclined.

If you come from a Non-EU country, you have to pay around 3,700 EUR per year for a Master’s Degree.

The tuition fees per year in USA can go as high as $50,000, which is huge compared to 3,700 EUR which after conversion, is around 16 times cheaper

If you are from an EU country, it is similar to Germany where your fee per year for a Master’s degree would be only 243EUR.

THE DEADLINES FOR France are between February-April, look into these details carefully when you want to apply for a study program abroad; deadlines & admissions for each country are different.

Public Universities in Norway do not charge ANY tuition fees for ANY student; whether from an EU country or any country outside the EU. The Semester student fee is just around 30 EUR -60 EUR (which comes up to around just 100 EUR PER YEAR).

The only downside about Norway is the high cost of living (Generally the same in all Nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Finland).

The average cost of living in Oslo is between 1,500 EUR-2,000 EUR per month, but you are still saving a lot of money on tuition fees. As an EU student, you are allowed to work for 20hrs in a week. A Non-EU student has to get a work permit, only after which you can work up to 20 hours a week.

The cost of living in Poland is really low compared to other European Countries. You need just around 600EUR per month to survive in Poland on the higher (including rent/accommodation).

Although you have to pay tuition fee in Poland, it is not that high. It costs just around 2000 EUR per year for a Master’s course (still much cheaper than Canada or USA).

Poland has a lot of great cities to visit like Warsaw and Krakow and it is located in the center of Europe, it makes travel to other European countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland very easy.

5. Czech Republic
If you can speak Czech, your education will be completely FREE; doesn’t matter if you’re from an EU or a Non-EU Country. Even if you don’t speak Czech, you can do a language course costing about $900 USD per semester. This would still be much cheaper than enrolling in an English program. The Czech Republic is really affordable.

EU students have to pay just 363 EUR per semester.

The cost of living in Austria is similar to Germany.

Belgium is a slightly more expensive option.

EU students have to pay around 900 EUR per year.

Non-EUR students have to pay around 4,000 EUR per year.

NOTE: All countries in Europe that charge higher amounts for international students usually offer scholarships, because they don’t want to lose out on Non-EU students.

As an EU student you don’t have to pay any fees

Non – EU students have to pay between 1,000 EUR- 2,000 EUR per year

The cost of living in Spain is slightly cheaper than Germany

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