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Simple Ways to exercise easier and fast nowadays. 

Exercise, Simple Ways to exercise easier and fast nowadays. 

You can fencing, boxing, dancing and playing virtual tennis, basketball and other games. In one study, people who ran, ran, and climbed on a special mat during a fantasy sports game practiced more than if they spent the same amount of time on a treadmill. . As a bonus, if you play active games, you are more likely to do a lot of “non-gaming” exercises.

1. Taken over

Do you want to do two things at once? You can get a “moderate” workout if you wash and wash your car, clean the gutters or clean or vacuum the floor. It can help you stay in better physical condition and a clean car or house can also improve your mental health.

2. gardening

You may not consider it an exercise, but if you dig in your yard, turn around and mow for 30 minutes or more, you will practice well. And it can get you in a better position. If you don’t have your own destiny, consider volunteering for a community garden. They can use the help.

3. Sèxual intercourse

You burn about 5 calories per minute, almost as much as when walking hard. And you can use the same amount of oxygen as you listen to leaves. In addition, research has shown that it can help prevent heart disease, although this seems to be true when you are in a healthy relationship.

4 Geocaching

If you want to go on a purposeful hike, search the internet for secret “geocache” areas in cities, parks or along hiking trails. You follow the markers, mostly GPS coordinates, to track them. You can find the price in a cache or draw your name in a magazine that proves that you are there.

5. clubs

It can be sociable and fun, even if you do it yourself. It can strengthen your muscles and strengthen your heart and lungs. It can also lift your spirits. All you need is some music to get you up and running. Take this meeting for a walk

If you need to talk to an employee, go on a trip (or sidewalk) and kill two flies with one stone. You can practice a bit and it can also make your meeting more creative. Just deploy it to a maximum of two or three people. Plus, it can be really hard to get involved.

6. Join the team

Regardless of your interest or skill level, a sports competition may be available in your area. You won’t skip much because your teammates will rely on you for practice and games. And the heat of competition can make you forget you’re training.

7. Outdoor sports

If you want to be out but don’t want to bet on the league, go to the park and take part in a pickup about what’s going on: football, Ultimate Frisbee, touch football. Even playing and shooting can move you.

8. Indoor sports

Don’t want to meet hot or cold weather? Indoor games can suck up your competition juice, such as basketball, racquetball or volleyball. Many “outdoor sports” – such as swimming, football and tennis – can be run indoors.

9. Interval training

Just three 20-second “sprint” intervals – such as running or cycling – seem to offer the same benefits as a 50-minute run. Even with warming up, cooling down and resting between intervals, it’s only 10 minutes of your time compared to almost an hour’s walk. Ask your doctor if you have not practiced for a long time and start slowly. Batting cage

You can practice your swing for the team when you are in one, or return the glory times of your youth. However, you probably have to focus on the ball so much that it comes to you that you don’t have time to think about how to train. Just remember to wear a helmet.

10. Walk

It doesn’t have to be a deliberate walk. When you go to the store, park in the back of the property. Go to your employee to tell them in person instead of sending an email. Continue around the block when collecting trash or picking up mail. Add up all the steps.

11. Martial Arts

Shape when you learn how to protect yourself. This will help you focus your attention and can keep your brain smarter than in games like running. And “light” types of contacts like karate, judo and taekwondo are relatively safe compared to other games if you train with a qualified instructor.

12. Zombies running

Are you saying you only run when someone is chasing you? Well, that can be fixed. Zombie courses often have barriers to entry, such as streams, and can run on mud-covered trails. And if that’s not enough motivation, members of the “living dead” will protect themselves from secret locations and jump to steal vital organs (in the form of flags) when you try to finish the race.

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