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TikTok has already won our phones and home TVs, but the following goal will ensure that you never run away from fun animal videos, impressive games and surprisingly satisfying clips. According to a TechCrunch report, the popular short video platform has teamed up with Atmosphere, a startup that drums in the interior for ambient background play when you dine in a restaurant, relax in a hotel or sit in a waiting room. .

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Atmosphere already delivers content to sites such as Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, Burger King and even Meineke, allowing clients to choose from multiple “channels” to suit different environments. And now TikTok gets a channel dedicated to curatorial videos from the platform.

TechCrunch says that Atmosphere is important for reusing the videos it collects, whether they come from YouTube or TikTok. It removes audio, adds its own music (or may leave it silent because some sites leave their TVs muted), captures subtitles, and then adds them to video streams covering a specific channel.

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Lack of sound means you may not hear the jingle trends you normally hear in a TikTok video (but that’s probably the best). As for how creators are paid for videos, TechCrunch says that Atmosphere has obtained the creators’ permission and made a deal – it even got some of its content for free, because companies basically promote creators through their videos in public places to play them.

You can see what the TikTok channel looks like in the demo on the Atmosphere page. The stream contains TikTok videos organized by hashtags such as #lifeisrandom and #coolrunning, which appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Atmosphere also added its own music and placed videos on an animated background. Creator usernames remain visible in every video, although they can be difficult to read remotely.