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Instructions to keep in mind healthy rules

healthy rules, Instructions to keep in mind healthy rules

Always avoid and forget about all the healthy ways you want to eat? Or skip the gym according to your promise to increase activity? Don’t serve yourself for lack of determination or determination. You may need a reminder to work with your habits – and how much you want the changes they bring.

Make it unforgettable

The word “trigger” often describes something that begins as bad behavior. Your exercise partner, who changes your time in the gym, motivates you to skip it. Worrying about a sick parent will make you overeat.

But the trigger can also be the urge to do something you want to do.

You can set any type of trigger: alarm, note, text message. A good thing is one that you can point out and link to what you want to do. You also want to adjust the time of the action that you want to perform.

Here are some examples to think about. Feel free to try it, but you will have the greatest success when you choose something that is personal for you.

Habit: Take a walk every morning.

Trigger: Put your sneakers on at the bedside at night. Look at the shoe as the first thing that will inform you about wearing and movement.

Habit: Drink plenty of water.
Trigger: Set an alarm that will ring every 2 hours to help you remember to empty and refill the glass.

Habit: Use your home gym or treadmill.
Trigger: Place a timer next to the treadmill so that it lights up when it’s time to use it.

Habit: Train with your dog.
Trigger: Link it to something else you’ve done. For example, when you open the door at home, remember playing with dogs.

Habit: Stretch to sleep first.
Trigger: Let the first touch of the toothbrush on your teeth to remind you to make your habit.

Habit: Opt for a healthy diet.
Trigger: Tie a colorful bow to your fridge, which will surprise you by choosing the wrong food. (If you are trying to reduce the time spent on the screen, place it on the TV remote control.)

Anchor away
Another way to identify yourself is to use an anchor.

Triggers remind you of the healthy habit you want to make to reach your goal. Anchors can help you with that. When you find an anchor, you bring back the feelings and thoughts you associated with it.

For example, the sound of a rocking chair can always put you to sleep because it anchors your parents who are shaking to sleep with you.

However, not all anchors may be unconscious. You can also intentionally create an anchor that will bring back a certain feeling or inspiration as required. This way, the anchors can help you remember your healthy habits and give you an idea that you need to do so. Let’s say you listen to music on a treadmill and you feel full of energy during a particular song. That song can be your anchor for these feelings. When you play it again, you will feel the same increase in energy that you received during exercise.

Another example of an anchor you can hear is the sound of “shhhh”. You can use this sound to relax. Or you can use a mantra, such as “I’m calm.” You can also start your habit of looking or touching. Think of something personal that will remind you of a time when you felt even stronger. If you need these feelings back, look at the object or touch it.

Some people wear a ring or bracelet. Others see their fitness equipment as an anchor that gives them strength.

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