How to View iPhone Calculator History

Smartphones, over the years, have been a handy tool for reaching out to our loved ones, surfing the Internet, playing games, and doing all sorts of tasks, one of which includes using our iPhone device to do calculations.

We might need more specific numbers and may need to check our history to prevent us from starting our calculations from the start.

How do we check our calculator history on our iPhones? Does the iPhone have a calculator history? These and many other questions get stuck when we need help finding answers.

Suppose you’ve ever asked any of the above questions and are still looking for answers; this article will uncover everything you need to know about iPhone calculator history.


What is iPhone Calculator History?

Calculator history is a feature that stores all the calculations done on your iPhone calculator. It’s where you confirm previous estimates you’ve done using your iPhone.

Regular calculators don’t tend to save and store your calculation history. Still, calculator apps on smartphones or iPhones have features that enable them to keep your calculations for future use.

Although this feature exists in almost all devices, its functionality differs among different phone models, and each has its limitations.

How to View Calculator History on iPhone

There are several ways to check your calculator history on an iPhone. But first, you must understand that it’s only possible to view the result of the last calculation on the iPhone. 

So if you’re looking for a long detailed calculation history on your iPhone device, you may most likely search forever because it’s impossible to do so by default. Still, there are several tips to help you work around it, and here’s a list of a few steps on how to view Calculator History on iPhone.

1. Copying the Last Result

Check the last calculated number on your iPhone using the copying final result feature. However, this feature only shows you a detailed history of your calculations, except the total number calculated.

Assuming you carried the following operation on your device (1000-490)=510, copying the last result option helps you see the previous result. If you need to get more familiar with copying the final result on an iPhone, here’s how to do it.

Tap and hold the Calculator app on your home screen, and you’ll find the last calculated numbers under the Copy Last Result. Tap on it to copy the number.

2. Use Third-Party Apps

Although the iPhone doesn’t have a default calculator history app, you can still check calculator history with the help of third-party apps.

There are several apps on the Appstore to help you check calculator history. While some of them require little payment before installation, others are free.

Here are a few to try out if you require a third-party app.

• PCalc

• Calculator HD

• Calculator +

• Pro Lite

You must apply caution when downloading third-party apps because some may contain viruses that may corrupt or steal your data.

If you need more options on third-party apps to help you make the best decision and select an app that suits your current need and requirements, you can check out the following options.

• ClevCalc 

• All-in-one Calculator 

• The Calculator 

• Quick Calculator Vault+

• Calculator with history.

3. Using a Screenshot

Using a screenshot is an alternative solution if you want to view your calculator history without using third-party apps. Also, using a Screenshot is effective if you’re doing short calculations.

To use the screenshot feature, Do your calculations, press and release the Volume Up and Side buttons simultaneously.

Repeat the process to save as many calculations as you want.

4. Use Screen Recording

Taking a screenshot each time you calculate can be hectic; hence you should consider other, more straightforward options. For example, if you’re performing long calculations, then using a screenshot to save your calculations may require too much time and effort, so a better option would be to use a screen record instead.

To use the screen record feature,

a. Click on the Settings App on your iPhone, Scroll down and select Control Center.

b. Scroll across the menu and tap on the add(+) icon next to the Screen Recording

c. Scroll up, and you’ll find a screen recording in the control center.

d. Next is to open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner, then click on the recording button, and you’ll see a three seconds countdown.

e. Wait for three seconds and open the Calculator app, and you can begin calculating.

f. After your calculations, Return to the Control Center and tap on the screen recording button to stop.

5. Using the Memory function

Using the memory function is also another way to save and store the results of your current calculations in your calculator’s memory. In addition, it allows you to reuse the results of your analyses on an ordinary calculator.

Here’s a guide on how to use the memory function on your iPhone calculator app.

a. Locate the calculator app on your iPhone and do your standard calculations

b. Switch your device to landscape mode and tap on m+ to store your current calculation result in the calculator memory.

c. Proceed with other calculations and use mr to recall the numbers stored in the memory.

To make the most of your results, here are a few memory functions to explore.

mc: Memory Clear

Memory Clear allows you to delete and remove numbers previously stored in your calculator memory.

mr: Memory Recall

This feature comes in handy when recalling the result or number previously stored in the calculator’s memory.

m+: Memory Add

Memory Add helps you add the current number on your screen to the number stored in your calculator memory. 

m-: Memory Subtract

This feature allows you to subtract the current number on your screen from the one already in your calculator’s memory.

What Do You Do If Your Calculator App Goes Missing?

If you’ve tried searching for your calculator app and need help finding it a couple of times, here’s something that might help.

1. Check your Homescreen Thoroughly

Before you agree that your calculator app is missing, you should ensure that you’ve combed your home screen, and if it still doesn’t pop up, you should try checking older folders, as it may verify if you added it to a folder by accident.

2. Try Using App Search

Using App search is very effective when finding apps on iOS devices. To do this, swipe your screen and locate the App library section. Once you find it, search for the Calculator app, and it will pop up on your phone.

3. Check Offload Unused Apps

 If it’s been a long time since you last used the App, your device might offload it. However, Apps only get unloaded on iOS devices when the user enables the feature.

If you’ve accidentally enabled the offload feature and need to learn how to disable it, here’s how.

1. Go to Settings

2. Tao on General and click Storage

3. Toggle the Offload Unused Apps button if it’s switched on.

After that, swipe down and locate the Calculator app from the same settings, tap on it and click Reinstall.


There’s no default way to view calculator history using the calculator app on iPhone devices, but you can explore the aid of other advanced third-party applications available on Appstore.

These apps come with a full inbuilt calculator history feature and other unique features you can explore.

You must know that when it comes to finding calculator history on an iPhone, it’s impossible to do that using the default calculator app, as this App only allows you access to your most recent result. But with third-party apps, you can explore your calculator history and save them for future use.

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