How to Share Battery on iPhone

Waking up to see your iPhone battery down isn’t always the best feeling, but what’s even worse is seeing your friend’s phone charged to 100% and pondering if he could at least spare you a little battery to power your dead phone.

Well, if you’ve ever thought like this, you’re not alone, as many other iPhone users also ponder the possibility of sharing a battery on an iPhone daily. 

Can the battery be shared on an iPhone? If yes, how do I share the battery on my iPhone? This article seeks to answer all the questions mentioned above, so endeavor to continue reading as we unravel all you need to know about Battery Sharing on iPhones.


What Does Battery Sharing Mean?

When we mention “Battery Sharing,” we refer to the terminology used to describe the process of sharing a battery using “Electromagnetic Induction.” That is the process of transferring current through a coil of wire into another loop.

Electromagnetic Induction is the working principle behind Power Sharing in smartphone devices. A device with power sharing feature can charge other devices with their battery without the aid of any external adapter or wire. 

All you need to do is connect your low-battery device to the other with more battery; both devices will exchange batteries.

The power Sharing feature isn’t only used for charging phone devices but can also charge other devices like smartwatches and Bluetooth devices.

On the other hand, battery sharing enables phones to share power in reverse, a process known as reverse charging. Reverse charging allows you to turn your phone into a charging pad that charges other devices when placed under them.

Charging using Battery Sharing can come in handy in emergencies, usually when your phone’s dead or you don’t have access to a charger, but the process is much slower than charging with a wired charger or charging pad.

Is it Possible to Share the Battery From an iPhone?

If you surf the internet regularly, chances are high that you’ll find numerous articles already written on How to Share battery on iPhone. Unfortunately, while some claim sharing a battery on an iPhone is possible, others claim it isn’t.

There’s no known way to share the battery from an iPhone to another device. The battery Sharing feature is nonexistent in iPhones, although it’s available in other brands of phones.

Recent models of the iPhone now feature reverse charging, although Apple has yet to wholly unlock this feature to enable sharing your iPhone battery with another device.

Transferring battery from one iPhone to another isn’t possible on iOS devices, but you can find this feature on some Android smartphones like Huawei and Samsung.

Can I Share Battery With an iPhone From an Android Device?

Huawei was the first smartphone company to release a device with a reverse charging feature creating room for other models like Samsung to follow suit.

Since newer iPhone models feature wireless charging, sharing a battery with iPhone is now entirely possible using the Qi wireless charging standard.

As long as the device sharing battery with your iPhone uses the same battery standard, you can charge your iPhone device. All that is required is to turn on the battery sharing option on the device you wish to charge your iPhone with and place your iPhone back to back with the device.

Sharing your battery wirelessly from Android to an iPhone emulates a magnetic wireless charger compatible with any Qi standard-compatible iPhone.

You must understand that Charging your iPhone with an Android device can only be done on an iPhone that supports wireless charging, and the Android, on the other hand, must support wireless power-sharing over the Qi standard.

Is It Possible To AirDrop Battery?

Apple devices feature a proprietary file-sharing feature that uses a culmination of Bluetooth and WiFi Direct to transfer pictures, photos, and music from one Apple device to another.

But unfortunately for Apple users, Airdrop can’t transfer batteries from one iPhone device to another simply because battery sharing involves electricity that doesn’t transmit over long distances.

So the answer to if it’s possible to airdrop the battery on an iPhone is an absolute no! AirDrop only works for music, photos, and other files.

Can I Share My iPhone’s Battery When Wired?

Absolutely No! It’s not possible to charge your iPhone battery when wired. In addition, two iPhones cannot charge themselves even when connected because Apple doesn’t support power-sharing between two devices.

Can I Share the Battery from One iPhone to Another Wirelessly?

No. Whether wired or wirelessly, the iPhone doesn’t support wireless power sharing. There’s a general belief that higher versions of the iPhone, like iPhone 12 and 13, support wireless power sharing, but at the time of this writing, that’s not true as no iPhone device currently has such a feature.

Power sharing is only on Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and other android brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Transfer the Battery From One iPhone to Another?

No!! As stated earlier, transferring the battery from one iPhone to another isn’t possible at the time of writing. Battery sharing is only available in devices like Huawei and Samsung, and this occurs through the wireless power-sharing feature available on these devices.

What Phones Can Share Battery?

Battery sharing or wireless reverse charging is available only in Qi-certified devices like Huawei P30 Pro and other Samsung models like Note10, Z Flip, Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S10e, and others. 

The feature isn’t available on iPhone devices, and iOS users may have to wait for Apple to unveil these features in its devices.

How to Share Battery on iPhone 11, 12, or 13?

Sharing battery on iPhone 11, 12, or 13 isn’t possible because iPhone doesn’t yet have a wireless power-sharing feature. 

There are speculations that Apple may unveil this feature in the future for their flagship devices, but as of now, Powershare or wireless reverse charging feature is only available on Huawei and Samsung devices.

Can You Share the Battery on iOS 14 & 15?

Initially, Apple released its iOS 14 devices with a wireless reverse charging feature, but Apple later blocked it as it needed to perform up to their expectations. 

So currently, it’s impossible to share a battery on an iPhone regardless of its iOS.


There currently has yet to find a method for sharing batteries on iPhones. While Apple may possess all the hardware capability to enable such a feature, its manufacturers are yet to pull the trigger.

The only devices with such capability are Huawei and several Samsung models.

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