How to Pause/Freeze Location on “Find My iPhone.”

It’s no doubt that iOS devices feature many amazing and unique packages that make their products superb and stand out from many other smartphones.

If you’re an iPhone user who uses the location feature on iPhone often, you must have come across the “Find My App,” which comprises “Find My Friends,” “Find My iPhone,” and others.

While these “Location Services” come in handy when trying to find our devices and locate our friends, they may be a source of distractions when we wish to keep our identity private and spend time alone.

If you’ve ever considered pausing or freezing your location on “Find My iPhone” and don’t know how to go about it, you’re in luck, as this article will show you easy steps to pause location on “Find My iPhone.”

The “Find My iPhone” application helps you find your iPhone’s location and other devices connected on the map. In addition, it features an audio effect that enables you to find your iPhone.

Apple allows its users to track and find each other’s location as long as they are connected.

There are occasions when you want to be alone and would need to freeze or fake your iPhones current location. Although the iPhone has no built-in iOS application to help you freeze your area, there are a few customizations you can work around to stop sharing your iPhone’s current location.

You can Pause/freeze location on your iPhone in several ways, including turning on airplane mode, turning off “Location Services,” and others.

Once you freeze your “Find My iPhone,” the “Find My App” won’t update, and your location won’t be accessible to your friends or anyone currently sharing the location with you.

Before we discuss how to freeze location on “Find My iPhone,” let’s check out a few possible reasons why someone would want to freeze their location.

Possible Reasons for Freezing Location on iPhone

Someone may freeze or pause their location to “Find My iPhone” for several reasons best known to them. But the most common reasons why people freeze location on “Find My iPhone” includes:

• Privacy Reasons: We love it when our friends and family who we share location, keep track of our movement, but they’re times when we want to be left alone without someone holding a persistent eye on us

• Unknown Request: There are times when our locations reach unknown persons and strangers, and this isn’t something we obviously would want for ourselves

• Misuse By Others: Sharing our location can be harmful sometimes because friends are only sometimes friends forever. Sometimes we may stop talking to some, and if someone with malicious intentions gets access to your location, it may be harmful.

• Personal Choice: It could be a case of personal decision. Many people are of the mindset that they want to keep some things private. So at such times, it becomes a matter of choice whether to switch it on or take it off permanently.

How to Freeze Location on “Find My iPhone.”

Before we proceed with how to freeze the location on “Find My iPhone,” you need to understand that Apple merged “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone” into one app- Find My, beginning from iOS 13. 

The location displayed on the “Find My App” is applicable to both “Find My Friends” and “Find My iPhone.” So now let’s proceed to how to freeze the location on “Find My iPhone.”

1. Turn On Airplane Mode

Turning on airplane mode is one of the fastest and easiest ways to freeze your location without alerting anyone. Once you activate airplane mode on your device, your connection goes off, preventing your phone from displaying any location when tracked.

Once you turn your airplane mode, it pauses your location to your last location, and anybody tracking you would only see your previous location, but they won’t be able to see your current location.

Using airplane mode to freeze location has drawbacks, as it would affect your ability to make calls and access the internet. And you should also know that using airplane mode means you won’t be able to use WiFi service either.

“Location Services” and “Share My Location” work with the internet and require data, so if you connect to an active WiFi in airplane mode, you won’t be able to freeze your location on your iPhone.

To turn on airplane mode,

• Pull the control center on your iPhone, and you’ll see the airplane icon.

• Tap on it, and you’ll immediately turn it on, and it will disable calls, text, cellular data, Bluetooth, and other services.

2. Turn off “Share My Location.”

Another easy way to freeze your location on “Find My iPhone” is by turning off the “Share My Location” on your iPhone. Once you disable “Share My Location” on your iPhone, those you share your background with won’t be able to see your location anymore.

To successfully turn off “Share My Location,”

• Tap the Settings app and scroll down to click Privacy

• Once you do that, you’ll find “Location Service”s” tap on it to open.

• Next, select “Share My Location” from the next tab and tap on it.

• You’ll find an option to turn off “Share My Location.” If it’s turned on, then tap it to turn it off.

Once you turn it off, then you’re good to go, as this would freeze your location.

3. Turn off “Location Services.”

Completely turning off “Location Services” is another effective way to freeze location on iPhone. Since “Location Services ” control everything related to place on your device, turning it off would freeze your area.

To turn off “Location Service,” 

• Open the settings app, scroll to Privacy, and tap to open it.

• On the next screen, you’ll find “Location Services” in the menu.

• Tap on it, and you’ll see an option to turn on or off “Location Service” on your iPhone.

Once you turn it off, the person you’re sharing a location with won’t be able to see your site. Once the person tries to track your location, the person would either see Not Sharing Location or No location found.

4. Hide the Precise Location

iPhone allows its users to turn off Precise Location in the Find My. So if you want to freeze your location without putting your phone on airplane mode, you can turn off Precise Location.

Turning off Precise Location functions differently from the others stated above. This feature allows you to share your city’s location rather than your exact address.

To turn off the precise location, follow the steps below:

• Open settings and tap on Privacy

• Select “Location Services” and click on Find My.

• Turn off Precise Location

And now you’re good to go. Your location will successfully pause to the city you’re in, but your exact address remains hidden.

5. Using GPS Spoofer to Change Location

Many tools are available on the internet to help you freeze locations on “Find My iPhone.” All you need to do is search the internet, select anyone that suits your preference, and install it.

GPS Spoofer is one tool that works if you’re looking for a way to freeze your location on “Find My iPhone.” The tool works for all Apple devices and is very effective.

You can also install this app on your computer and spoof the location to be at your house while you’re somewhere else.


Can You Fake Your Location On “Find My iPhone”?

Yes, it’s possible to fake your location on “Find My iPhone.” You can misrepresent your place on an iPhone in two ways. The first requires jailbreaking your device and installing a third-party app, while the other involves Logging out of “Find My Friends” and re-login with the same password. This method requires two iPhones.

To fake your location on “Find My iPhone,” 

Turn on Developer mode on your iPhone.

Scroll down through the Developer mode option, and tap the ‘Allow fake location’ option

Select it and tap ‘Allow mock locations. Wait a few seconds for the fake location to appear on other phones.

Boom! You’re all set! 

How to Freeze The Location of My iPhone?

To freeze the location on your iPhone, you only need to turn off “Find My iPhone,” which will automatically freeze and make you inaccessible to those sharing your location with you.

To freeze “Find My iPhone,”

Go to settings and tap on Privacy to open it.

On the next screen, tap “Share My Location,” and you’ll see the “Find My iPhone” option.

Tap on “Find My iPhone,” and you’ll see it enabled on your iPhone. Now tap on it, and you’ll be required to enter your Apple ID and password to disable it.

Once you log in, tap on the turn-off option, which will freeze, and “Find My iPhone” on your iPhone.

Note that this is also applicable to “Find My Friends” also. 

Will People Know if I Freeze The Location on My iPhone?

Yes! Once you freeze your location on your iPhone, the persons you share your site with will know because they won’t be able to access your but instead see Not Sharing Location or No Location Found. But sometimes, this also appears as “Location Service” is off for iOS 14 and below.

How Do You Pause Your Location on “Find My iPhone” Without The Other Person Knowing?

Pausing your location without notifying the person you’re sharing the location with can be done by simply turning off your internet connection on your iPhone. However, doing this would prevent “Find My iPhone” from getting updated on your iPhone.

You can also decide to turn off “Find My iPhone” entirely, but the truth is without active internet on your iPhone, Find iPhone won’t get updated to your current location.

To pause your location, “Find My iPhone,” you have to turn off the internet on your iPhone, which will prevent “Find My iPhone” from getting updated, so it’s best to turn off your internet.


Sharing location with friends and family can come in handy in certain situations, but there are situations where it may compromise your right to Privacy. 

Once you no longer want to share your location, you can try out any of the methods listed in this post to help you freeze your area on “Find My iPhone.”

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