How To Get Loan From Access Bank Quickly In 2022

Are you an Access bank customer in need of money urgently? Worry no more here is an interesting guide on how to apply for an Access bank loan in Nigeria.

A loan is something that no man can vow never to acquire in their life because it is not easy to make some little cash, but we spend it all day.

However, because we spend money all day, sometimes you may run short of it, and the only solution is to borrow.

The actual good news here is that if you are an Access bank Nigeria client, there is every chance you can secure a loan anytime.

How To Get Loan From Access Bank Quickly In 2022

It is effortless you apply for a loan from Access bank, and once you have met the requirements, you will be given your loan within minutes.

That is how good the Access bank loan is. Whereas some banks only give loans to business and corporate entities, Access banks give both individuals and businesses loans.

One thing that makes Access bank loans the best is their low interest rate. I am informed you can no longer hold to know the application process so let’s start with the requirements.


1. Employee status inquiry(any documents that prove you are a worker).

2. Any letter of confirmation or last promotion letter at your workplace.

3. Employment ID or any documents that prove you are an employee of your workplace.

4. Bank Verification Number (BVN).

5. Credit check any information about you that shows your financial habits.

6. Access bank account.

7. Mobile phone number associated with your account.

Those are the basic things you need to apply for an Access bank loan.


Here are the best steps you must follow if you want to apply for an Access bank loan:

1. Visit the Access bank branch where you hold an account.

2. Consult an agent at the bank and request a loan application form.

3. Before that, you will be given all the details and requirements for the loan application.

4. Suppose you already have the required documents.

5. Kindly fill the Access bank loan application form at the bank with your valid information.

6. Ensure that every piece of information you have provided on the form is correct.

7. Next, read the terms and conditions of the loan carefully and make sure you have understood.

8. Now, add the required documentation to your filled loan application form and submit it to the agent who gave it to you.

9. Your application will be forwarded to the right department in charge for review.

10. After your loan application is accepted, you will be granted a loan exactly to the amount you requested and paid into your bank account, or you will be told when to come for the money.

That is how to apply for an Access bank loan in Nigeria.



To qualify for an Access bank loan, you must meet these requirements:

1. You should be a regular worker with a stable income.

2. Ensure that you have paid at least 50% of your existing loan if you have applied for one already.

3. You should not have missed any repayment in the last six months.

That is all you must have to qualify for a loan at Access bank in Nigeria.


Access bank loan amount differs from one person to the other, as they use your total annual income to determine how much of a loan you deserve.

In some cases, you would be granted more than you want.

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