How to Fix the “There is a Billing Problem with a Previous Purchase” Issue on iPhone

Are you facing issues trying to purchase an app on your iPhone? For example, did you receive an error message,” There is a billing problem with a previous purchase” when you tried purchasing an app or item on the Apple Store?

You are not alone if you’ve ever experienced a billing problem when making a purchase. Many iPhone users experience it on their devices.

Often when this happens, you would need help to do several things on your iPhone, like paying for your subscriptions, buying music from iTunes sure, and even downloading apps on the App Store.

This article explains why billing problems occur on your iPhone device and how to fix them.


What Causes Billing Problems on iPhones?

Billing problems can be very frustrating, affecting even the smallest function on your iPhone. For example, many users are often frustrated when they need help using their phone to download or update apps because they keep getting the billing problem notification.

Billing problems on the iPhone can occur due to several reasons. Something as trivial as your current location or VPN can cause billing problems. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent causes of Billing problems on iPhone devices.

1. Screen Time settings

If you use Screen Time, either for yourself or someone who uses your device, chances are high that you may have restricted purchases within those settings. To confirm, all you need to do is to:

a. Open Settings App on your iPhone and select Screen Time

b. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions

c. If the settings are enabled, tap on iTunes & App Store Purchases.

d. If In-app Purchases is on “Don’t Allow,” tap on it and change it to Allow.

You must note that if you have a Screen Time password already set up on your device, you’ll need to enter it before completing the process.

Also, check Content & Privacy Restrictions and Tap on Allowed Apps to make sure that the iTunes Store (and Book Store) is enabled.

2. Expired card or incomplete card details

Expired card or incomplete card details is another major cause of billing problems on iPhone. If the credit or debit card associated with your device has expired, or you still need to fill in all the necessary details, chances are high that you’ll get a billing problem notification.

You need to update your payment details to match your current information. For example, if you moved or got a new card, you need to update it on your Apple ID account.

3. You entered the wrong location

Entering the wrong location can lead to a billing problem on the iPhone. Therefore, your site must match the location details entered on the App Store and your billing address.

4. The billing address on your Apple ID payment method doesn’t match your bank’s.

To avoid getting a billing problem on your iPhone, you must ensure that the billing address on your Apple ID payment method is the same as your bank’s billing address. Also, ensure that the phone number and street address are also similar.

5. The item is not available in your country

You can purchase it if your preferred app or item is available in your country.

You’ll receive an error message stating this, but you need to be sure. So to clarify all doubts, head to the App Store and go to the developer’s website. Once you get there, you can do some research to check if you can purchase in your country.

6. You’re using a VPN on your iPhone

You may need to disable your VPN before purchasing if you’re using any because a VPN changes your location and may cause billing problems.

7. You have an unpaid or pending purchase

Before making a new purchase on an iPhone, you need to check your device settings to know if you have any outstanding or pending purchases. You may be required to pay for those pending purchases before you are allowed to make new ones.

8. Your Apple ID is disabled or locked

You may face a problem completing a purchase if your Apple account is locked or disabled. For example, apple usually locks your Apple ID if you or someone else enter your password or other account information several times incorrectly.

Apple does this to protect your account from unauthorized users accessing and using your account.

Once you notice that your Apple ID is locked, you can use a trusted device or phone number to reset the password of your Apple ID. If you don’t have a trusted device or phone number and have security questions set up for your Apple ID, head to the forgot password page to reset your password.

9. Software issues

If your information is up to date and you don’t have any special purchases, but you still receive the Billing problem notification, it could be that the problem is due to a software issue.

How to Fix the “There is a Billing Problem With a Previous Purchase” Issue on iPhone

If you keep getting billing problems when you make purchases on your iPhone but need help figuring out what to do, you can try using any of our quick fixes outlined below.

1. Check Pending Purchases

A pending purchase could lead to a billing problem on your iPhone. If you don’t know how to check for pending purchases, this is all you have to do

Open Settings App and Tap on your Name

Tap on iTunes and App Store, and you’ll see a list of options.

Tap on Apple ID, and select View Apple ID

Select Purchase History, and you’ll see a list of all your purchases. If you have any pending acquisition, tap on it to update your billing information and make payment.

2. Sign Out Your Apple ID and Sign In Again

Frequently, billing issues can be due to a software glitch, and fixing such cases would require you to sign out of your Apple ID and log in again. To do this,

Open Settings and tap on your name

Tap on iTunes and App Store

Go to Apple ID and click Sign Out

Ensure to write down your sign-in details (ID Name and Password) before signing out because you’ll need them to sign in again.

3. Update Apple ID Payment Info

As stated earlier, incorrect details on billing information could lead to you receiving an error message when making a purchase. Therefore, before you make any purchase, ensure that your billing address and location are correct.

If you have a new bank card and need help updating this information on your Apple ID, follow the instructions below.

Open Settings app

Tap on your name and tap on iTunes and App Store

Select Apple ID and click View Apple ID

Tap on Manage Payment and update all necessary information

4. Add New Payment Method

Some regions do not accept specific payment methods; hence you may be required to add a new purchase method to settle some pending purchases. To do this,

Go to Settings

Tap on iTunes and App Store

Select Apple ID

Tap on View Apple ID and select Manage Payment

Tap on Add Payment Method and select Done after adding it.

5. Contact Apple Support

Contacting Apple Support is the last resort after trying all methods above. After trying all the methods above and you still experience billing error notifications, contact the Apple store for assistance.


How Do I Contact Apple Billing?

If you’re experiencing unexpected charges on your Apple billing Statement, you should contact Apple to resolve the issue. 

If you experience any unexpected charge, it could mean that someone hacked your Apple ID or stole your credit card details. But you don’t have to worry because you can get in touch with Apple support online and demand a charge verification.

How Do I Delete My Billing Address On My iPhone?

If you follow the steps below, changing or deleting your billing address isn’t a big deal.

Open your Wallet App and tap on the card.

In the Billing Address header, tap the circled ellipsis icon and input the correct address.

Click on the back button to save changes. And you can now search for the new address.

After you’ve successfully done this, you’ll be able to make payment on your iPhone using the new billing address.

Alternatively, you can change your billing address by

Clicking the Settings App and tap on the name you wish to change

Tap on your Apple ID, and you’ll see your payment methods.

Touch or Face ID to authenticate yourself and select the payment method you wish. 

Tap on the “Remove” option next to it and select “Delete” to remove it.

How Do I Cancel My Apple Bill?

Consider canceling your subscription if you receive recurring charges on your Apple account. Regular payments depend on your phone plan and may occur weekly or monthly.

If you didn’t authorize the purchase, you’d need to call Apple support and ask for a cancellation. They’ll check on their end to identify if it’s an unauthorized charge and help you cancel them.

Alternatively, you can cancel subscriptions simply by Clicking the Settings app, Locate Subscriptions, and checking if you’re sharing a Family Plan with someone else or if you have something accidentally charged to your account.

You can try looking at in-app purchases if you find any charge you need to clarify. Once you tap on subscription, you’ll spot a list of your current subscription, and you can choose any one you wish to cancel and tap on the Cancel button.

Why Can’t I Download Free Apps on My iPhone?

There are various reasons why you might find downloading free apps on your iPhone complicated. One is that you may be using an older version of iOS. 

Apple usually stops supporting older versions of iOS after a certain number of updates. Another reason you may need more space on your device is to download free apps on your iPhone. It could also be that the app isn’t available in your country.


Billing problems are a regular occurrence among iPhone users, but your ability to know what caused the problem and how to fix it is the only thing that will prevent you from getting frustrated when this happens.

The most likely cause of billing purchase error is usually associated with a discrepancy in your payment method. Several other reasons could also lead to billing errors. The next time you encounter an error while completing a purchase, try the procedure stated in this post before considering an

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