How to Fix Messenger Chat Heads Not Showing on iPhone

Messenger is one of the best messaging apps available on the web. It’s the second largest after WhatsApp, with 1.3 billion users globally.

Based on its status, it’s normal to think that Messenger is a perfect app with no glitches, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Like other social media platforms, the Messenger app has drawbacks and errors. One of the most common is its chat head not showing; This is a common problem experienced by Android and iPhone users.

Once this happens, smartphone users won’t be able to access Messenger while drawing over other applications. 

You might even notice that the notification bubbles for Messenger on your iPhone need to show; This usually occurs because the app needs permission to show the contents of a chat head over other apps.

But not to worry, enabling this app’s notifications on your device is possible. This guide explains how to turn on Chat Heads on Messenger and also discusses how to fix chat heads not appearing on Messenger.


How to Turn On Chat Heads on Messenger on iPhone

Turning on chat head on Messenger on iPhone is an effortless task. All you need is to follow the steps below.

1. Locate Messenger App on your iPhone and tap on it to open the app

2. In the upper right corner, Tap on the Settings menu

3. Scroll down to the Notification Section and tap on “Chat Heads,” Chat heads appear when messages come in. If you don’t see chat heads when messages come in, you’ll need to enable this feature in the App Notification setting of your device.

How To Fix Messenger Chat Head Not Showing on iPhone

If you’re having issues seeing Messenger chat head on your iPhone device, you don’t have to panic anymore, as this article will guide you on easy ways to fix Messenger Chat Head not showing on your iPhone. 

So let’s dive into simple ways to fix Messenger chat head not showing on iPhone.

1. Restart your iPhone Device

If you’re having issues seeing Messenger chat head on your iPhone device, try restarting your device. Once you turn off your device and turn it back on, it will help reset the software and fix any problem and bug that might be responsible for your chat head not showing.

If you need help restarting your iPhone, you must hold the lock button until a slide pops up with the power off the icon (for iPhone 8 and older). While for iPhone X and other newer versions, hold down the lock button and the volume up button simultaneously, and you’ll find a slide to turn off your device.

Then turn it back on by simply pressing the lock button until the small logo appears in the middle of your iPhone screen.

2. Close the Messenger Application

Just like restarting your iPhone, restarting an app can help solve software problems. Once you notice that your messenger app has stopped showing, you can resolve the issue by giving your Messenger a fresh start. 

To become more familiar with closing and reopening an app, you must double-press the home button on your iPhone and find the app switcher menu.

Swipe the Messenger app up, so it disappears from the screen, and you can verify it is closed when it no longer appears on the screen in the app switcher display.

3. Update your Messenger App

Your Messenger chat head might stop showing simply because your current app is outdated and needs an upgrade. Also, glitches and bugs can cause your chat head to disappear, but you can solve this by installing the newest version of the app.

To check for newer updates, you need to open the App store and tap ‘Updates.’ Then, scour the page until you find the app you need to update, and n the “Update” button beside the app to download newer versions.

4. Delete the Messenger App and Reinstall

There are times files in an application may be corrupt,t and this can lead to the app malfunctioning. However, finding a corrupt file in an app is a highly tedious task, and it’s much easier to delete and reinstall it again.

By deleting and reinstalling the app, you’ll receive a new application. For apps like Messenger, deleting it won’t lead to data loss as you can quickly log in to your account into the newly installed app and continue using it.

To delete the Messenger app, press down on the app, and you’ll observe it shaking. You’ll also see an X appear in the corner of each app on the screen. Press the X sign above the Messenger app and hit delete.

To reinstall the app, go to the App store and type in the app name in the search bar, and click on the little cloud on the side to reinstall the app back to your phone.

5. Change your Network Connection

A poor connection could be another reason for messenger chat not appearing on iPhone. If you’re using your Messenger while connected to WiFi and you observed that your messenger chat head isn’t responding, here are a few things to help you troubleshoot a WiFi connection problem

a. Turn Off WiFi and turn it Back On

Turning WiFi off and back on is the easiest way to fix the chat head not showing on Messenger when connected to WiFi.

You could not connect your iPhone correctly to the WiFi, so turning it off and switching it back on would help you secure a better connection. To turn off WiFi on your iPhone, open your settings app and locate WiFi. Next, open the WiFi settings, and you’ll see a small switch next to “WiFi.

You can quickly tell the WiFi is successfully connected when the switch turns green.

b. Forget the Network

Anytime you connect your iPhone to a WiFi network, your device retains all information needed to reconnect anytime the same network is available.

Sometimes, the WiFi may not connect to your router, which can affect the functionality of apps like Messenger. In times like this, you’ll need to forget the network and reconnect to the router to reset the connection process.

To forget a network on the iPhone, go to settings and tap on WiFi. Next, look for the network connected to your device, tap on the information button, and tap on ‘forget this network.’ Once you’ve successfully forgotten the web, you can reconnect when you feel like it.

6. Reset All Your Settings

Once you’ve tried all the fixes stated above and still have ‘messenger chat head not appearing,’ you might need to reset all your settings.

Resetting all settings might be your only troubleshooting option when you’ve tried everything and can’t find a resolution.

Once you commence the reset process, the device will erase all saved data on your settings, including software issues. A reset would help you fix software issues that are difficult to trace.

To reset all settings, go to the settings app and tap on it to open, tap General, and select reset. Next, tap on Reset All Settings, and you’ll be required to enter your passcode before confirming the reset. Once you tap “confirm,” your device will restart to save the reset.


Can You Use Chat Heads On iPhone?

Yes, using a chat head on Messenger is possible on iPhone. Messenger Chat heads help you stay on top of conversations without leaving the app. To do this on iPhone, ensure you have installed the latest Messenger version.

Go to settings and select Notification. Next, tap on Messenger and ensure that you enable Allow Notification.

Return to Settings and select General, click on Accessibility, tap Assistive Touch, and turn on the switch for Assistive Touch.

How Do I Turn on Messenger Chat Heads?

Turning on the Messenger chat head can be done by tapping the Messenger app to open it, then selecting the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. Next, tap on Settings and enable “chat Heads.”

Why Are There No Chat Heads on My iPhone?

Chat heads is a feature on Messenger that allows users to keep their conversations open while surfing through other apps on their device. They appear as circular icons at the top of the screen and display the profile picture and name of the person you’re chatting with, but the iPhones don’t come with any built-in chat head.

How Do I Turn Off Chat Heads on Messenger on My iPhone?

As stated earlier, chat heads are circular icons that appear at the top of your screen and help you keep conversations open while surfing through other apps, but if you wish to disable this feature, there are easy ways to go about it.

First, tap on the Messenger app on your iPhone and tap on the Settings icon in the bottom right corner. Scroll down and tap on chat heads. Toggle the switch to Off to disable chat heads.

Why Won’t My Chat Heads Pop Up?

Your chat head may fail to pop up for various reasons. For example, you could have disabled the Chat Head feature on your Messenger. Another possibility is that you’re currently using an app that doesn’t support chat head features. 

If you’re an iPhone user, you could use an iOS that doesn’t support chat heads, as chat is only available for iOS 8 and higher.

How Do You Make a Floating Video Call on Messenger on an iPhone?

To make a floating video call on Messenger on iPhone, tap on the Messenger app to open it and click on the video call icon at the top right corner of the screen. Next, select the Contact you wish to call and tap on the floating video call.

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