How to Fix Black Dots on iPhone Screen

A black dot on your iPhone screen can result from many different things. Some occur by ignorance, and others may be due to an unavoidable mistake. Regardless of the reason you have a black dot on your iPhone screen, this article will help you with different ways to fix the Black Dot on your iPhone device.

Black dot comes from several things ranging from oil stains drying on your screen, snapping pictures under direct sunlight, crack or scratch on your screen, or a case of your phone falling from your hands.

Once you notice a black dot on your iPhone device, first observe the size and location on your screen. If the black dot isn’t large, then chances are that it would go out on its own. Also, check to know if the iPhone’s touch on those areas is sensitive and of its spreading to other areas of the screen.

The black dot on iPhone can be either a hardware or a software problem. If the problem is hardware related, you can tackle it with a hard reset. On the other hand, software problems can occur due to a software crash, which can be fixed by purchasing a replacement screen from Apple Store.

Why Do Black Spots Appear on iPhone Screens?

The black dot appears on the iPhone screen for several reasons, and we’ll consider some of the popular reasons why a black spot may occur on your screen.

A black dot can appear on your iPhone screen for any of the reasons stated below.

1. Oil Residue on Screen: if the black dot on your device occurs due to oil residue, you can try to remove it by cleaning it off with a cloth or cotton.

Ensure you don’t use harsh liquids when cleaning your iPhone screen, as this may damage your screen entirely.

2. Phone fell off your hands: if this is the case, it’s better to take your device to a technician to check it. 

3. Software Bug: This may sound unlikely, but, indeed, software bugs can cause the black dot to appear on your screen. If you download apps from untrusted sources, chances are high that you may download a virus-infected file, which can cause your iPhone device to start misbehaving and generating black dots.

4. Dead Pixel: once you notice a black dot on your screen, you should check out for a dead pixel. A dead pixel is simply a pixel on your screen that isn’t working.

A dead pixel is easy to detect as it always indicates a black or white dot on your screen.

You can try fixing a dead pixel by purchasing a new screen protector, but if this solution doesn’t work, you can also try an alternative fix by massaging the area around the pixel. But ensure to do this with caution, so you don’t damage your screen.

Aside from causing black/white dots, dead pixels also generate a green line on your iPhone screen, which also causes lines on TV.

5. Internal Pressure on Your iPhone: Internal pressure could also be why you see a black dot on your iPhone screen; This usually happens when you expose your iPhone to cold temperatures, which may cause condensation inside your device.

Internal pressure could also result from wrong charging cables and overfilled batteries. If this is the case with your device, you need not worry, as you can get rid of the black dot by cleaning your device with a cloth. However, if the issue persists, then it’s most likely there’s something else wrong with your device, and you may need to see a technician.

Pressure may also arise from other sources like

• Tight phone case

• Your pocket

• Placing heavy items on top of the iPhone

• Keeping the phone in a wallet

6. Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD): Liquid Crystal Display Screens, popular as LCD screens, use a backlight to display images. If something impairs the light, then this may form a black dot on your screens. However, one can fix the black dot caused by LCD by identifying the source of light leakage and covering it with either a Post-it note or tape.

If this method doesn’t come in handy, try adjusting the angle of your iPhone’s screen.

If any of the steps mentioned above don’t produce any positive result, you may have to contact the Apple store or a technician for assistance.

7. Stuck Pixels: A stuck pixel is a dead pixel that won’t light up the entire screen. It could also mean a pixel on your iPhone device that isn’t working right. 

Often, stuck pixels occur due to debris and dust on the screen’s display. As a result, it is usually stuck on one tone and has either a black or colored dot. 

You can fix the black dot caused by a stuck pixel using several methods. Here’s a list of options to try out.

a. Restart your device by holding down the power and home button together. If this method doesn’t solve your problem, you can try option 2.

b. Take off your screen protector and clean the screen with a soft or microfiber cloth.

c. Use a cotton swap dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean the top of the back spot on your phone’s display; This would help to remove any dust particles that may have stuck underneath your screen protector.

d. Relax for about 10-15 minutes before reapplying a screen protector on your device.

How to Fix Black Dots on iPhone Screen

Fixing the black dot on an iPhone device yourself is risky and could be difficult, especially when a hardware problem causes the black drop. Most times, fixing black dots would require using special tools and equipment to help you improve internal components.

Often, a black dot may cling permanently to your screen, and fixing this may require the help of a professional or a complete screen replacement.

You’ll most likely get a more leisurely time repairing your device if you have AppleCare, but if you don’t, you can contact other options like Apple Support to request a repair session.

But in the meantime, you can try some harmless fixes, which will be listed below.

1. You can restart your iPhone device by turning off your device and turning it back on.

2. If you’re using a screen protector, you can take off the protector to verify if the protector is damaged instead of the screen. If you find extra debris or dirt on the screen, then you can clean it off using a microfiber cloth.

Note: if the black dot affects the touch screen and prevents you from navigating the device, you can try using Siri to help you navigate the settings.

Things you shouldn’t do when fixing Black dots on iPhone

When trying to fix a black dot on our device, we do certain things that may be unethical, so whenever you try setting a black dot on your phone, ensure you avoid doing the following items.

1. Do not apply pressure or press the affected spot on your screen. Pressing the affected area may cause the black dot to increase and spread to other parts of your screen.

2. Avoid keeping your device under the sun. Do not fall under the trap of placing your iPhone under the sun to fix the black dot because accumulated heat inside your device can lead to permanent damage.

3. Avoid cleaning black dots with sharp objects.

4. Resist putting your iPhone inside a bag of rice

5. Do not use creams or liquid items on your iPhone device.

6. Avoid dropping your iPhone and placing items on top of your iPhone device.


Can Dead Pixels be Fixed?

Absolutely yes! You can fix Dead pixels on iPhone devices. If you’re sure your iPhone didn’t fall off your hands, try restarting your device or updating to newer iOS versions; This will help you with black dots caused by dead pixels.

Will a Screen Replacement Fix Black Spots?

Are you wondering if completely changing your screen would resolve the black spot on your device? Then this post is for you. You can fix the black area on the iPhone by screen replacement. Once you change your iPhone screen, the black dot goes out completely. But if the black dot is due to dirt or debris, then there’s a high chance it might reappear after some time.

How Can I Prevent Black Spots From Appearing on My iPhone Device?

The best way to prevent black dots from appearing on your phone screen is by using a screen protector. Screen protectors are cheap and affordable, so it’s always advisable that you get one for your device.

Can Black Spots on iPhones be Fixed?

You can fix black spots on your iPhone regardless of the cause. Whether it is caused by software bugs or an accidental fall on a hard surface, you can fix it. If you dropped it mistakenly on a hard surface, the damage might be internal, and you’ll need to visit a technician or apple store to fix it. Still, if software bugs cause it, you fix it manually by following the earlier steps.


Picking up your iPhone to find a black dot on your screen can be very annoying and devastating, but you don’t have to worry because we’ve covered all possible fixes.

This article has covered everything you’ll need to know about the black dot on iPhones, what causes it and how to fix it. It also covered things you should avoid when repairing your iPhone device.

The next time you see a black spot on your device, do not panic; try out any of the quick fixes listed above. If you adhere to this article’s advice, you’ll have a device that runs smoothly, just as it did when you first purchased it.

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