How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone

Are you an iOS user frustrated with your default video playback settings? Would you love to learn how to change the video playback settings on your iPhone to improve your viewing experience?

If yes, you’re in the right place, as this article would open you up to a world of possibilities on steps required to change your iPhone video playback settings; This allows you to customize your video settings to suit your preferences.

With just a few simple clicks, you can adjust the video playback settings on your iPhone and enjoy your videos, whichever you prefer. Let’s get Started!!

Enjoying the best experience from a video requires detailed knowledge of playback controls. Video playback control includes things like changing the speed and volume of a video, enhancing the video’s resolution, and many other things.

In this writing, we’ll focus on changing the video playback settings on iPhone across different platforms, including the YouTube app, Apple’s TV app, and iPhone’s native Photo app.


How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone with YouTube App

Changing video playback settings of the iPhone on YouTube app cuts across several options like video speed, video quality, skip forward, and others.

To change the video playback settings on the YouTube app, follow the steps below:

YouTube Video Speed

  • Open your YouTube app and tap the three-dot icon at the upper right.
  • Tap on Playback Speed
  • Select a value you which to change the playback speed to and confirm 

Video Quality

  • On the YouTube video, tap on more ( that is, the three dots at the upper right end.
  • Tap on Quality
  • Select Advanced to check out more quality videos.
  • Tap on the video quality/resolution you desire

Skip Forward/Backward

Double tap on the empty area on the right side of the video to skip the video forward by 10 seconds. Also, to cut the footage backward, double-tap the blank space on the left side of the video.

Full Screen

To adjust the YouTube video to full screen, tap on the box icon at the bottom right corner of the playback screen. 


For subtitles, Tap on the three dots at the top of the YouTube video and select captions.

How to Change Video Playback Settings of iPhone with Apple TV App

Apple has a TV App that deals with video-related activities on iPhones and other Apple devices. Users can watch streaming content and movies/shows and subscribe to channels via the app.

Apple TV app features a video playback option with several controls. You can adjust your video settings using any of the playback controls available.

The playback option contains controls like the skip forward/backward button, which allows users to skip video by 15 seconds, pause and play button.

It also contains a volume control at the top right of the screen and a ”more” icon (three dots) to adjust the video’s subtitles, speed, and language.

How to Change Video Playback Settings of iPhone with Photo App

Unlike the YouTube and Apple TV apps, the playback settings on Photo App are limited. But it also has an advantage because videos are saved automatically on the app.

To change video playback settings using Photo App, follow the steps below:

  • Open Photos App
  • Please select your preferred video from the library and allow it to play.
  • You’ll find a volume logo for sound, and you can also skip forward/backward by simply moving your finger right or left over the video timeline.

FAQs on How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone

How Can I Adjust TV App Streaming Quality Settings on My iPhone?

Apple TV app allows you to stream videos and purchased movies via the app.

Note: You must be an Apple TV subscriber or purchase iTunes movies to use this feature.

Watching videos via Apple TV can be very exciting when you have an unlimited streaming plan, but what happens when you don’t have an unlimited streaming plan?

You’ll want to adjust your playback quality to conserve data while enjoying your favorite TV show. If this is your case, follow the steps below to change your Apple TV streaming quality.

Note: The step below works for iOS 13.4 and higher versions.

  • Go to Settings App
  • Select TV
  • Scroll down to Streaming Options
  • Tap on Mobile Data
  • Tap on either ”Higher Quality’: or Data Saver

Where is Video Playback Located On iPhone?

To locate the video playback setting on your iPhone, simply:

  • Go to Settings App
  • Scroll down to Videos
  • Once the video opens, you’ll get a chance to select your preferred playback quality.


Changing the video playback settings on your iPhone creates room for a beautiful movie experience and allows users to watch videos using their preferred option. 

Inside this writing is a guide on changing video playback settings on iPhone using different options like Apple TV, Photo App, and YouTube App. By following the focus of this article, you’ll understand the use of playback controls and how to apply them to a video.

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