free seo tools for websites and drive traffics.

what are seo tools for websites?

Here at Moz, we comprehend the worth of top-end SEO apparatuses — we’ve planned and fabricated top tier scan devices for near 15 years. Premium instruments are massively important in SEO when you need higher cutoff points, progressed usefulness, put away information, or available to come in to work support.

Yet, for 75% of different assignments, a free device frequently gets the job done.

There are in a real sense many free SEO devices out there, so we need to zero in on simply awesome and generally valuable to add to your tool stash. Huge loads of individuals in the SEO people group helped vet the SEO programming in this post (see the note toward the end). To be incorporated, an apparatus needed to meet three prerequisites. It should be:

Broadly utilized and suggested by the SEO people group

Offers above-board esteem + noteworthy information

All things considered, really free

The devices are sorted by SEO work. Snap on a catch beneath to leap to that particular segment.


Investigation Crawling/Indexing Keyword Research Link Tools Local SEO Mobile SEO Multi-device On-page SEO Research Site Speed WordPress

The Best Free SEO Tools


The best devices to investigate search execution, screen SERPs, watchwords, and contender examination:

1. Bing Webmaster Tools

While Google Webmaster Tools gets all the wonder, people fail to remember that Bing Webmaster offers a full set-up of site and search investigation. Particularly valuable are watchword reports, catchphrase examination, and creeping information.

Get it: Bing Webmaster

Likewise valuable: Yandex.Webmaster

2. Information Studio

On the off chance that you need to consolidate information from various sources (say Search Console and Google Analytics), imagine, and share it – this is Google Data Studio’s usual range of familiarity. For a thought of all the SEO assignments and dashboards that you can work for nothing, look at these Google Data Studio Resources from Lee Hurst.

Get it: Data Studio

3. Upgraded Google Analytics Annotations

How can you say whether your plunge in rush hour gridlock (or rise) is related with a Google Algorithm update, or maybe a significant occasion? This is an energetically suggested Google Chrome module that overlays extra information on top of your examination, so you can without much of a stretch send screen captures to customers showing precisely how outside powers affected traffic.

Get it: Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations

Choices: Panguin Tool, Zeo Tools

4. Google Analytics

The large kahuna, and the most generally utilized web examination bundle on the planet. For being free, Google Analytics is shockingly vigorous and plays well with other Google items, including Optimize, Search Console, and Data Studio. A few people have security worries with GA — however Google swears they don’t utilize this information for search rankings.

Get it: Google Analytics

Options: Clicky, Open Web Analytics

5. Search Console

Presumably the most helpful free SEO instrument on this whole show, it’s difficult to envision doing current SEO without admittance to the information inside Google’s Search Console. This is the most dependable area for data on how Google creeps and positions your site, and is one of the lone spots where you can get solid catchphrase information. Search Console limits downloads to 1000 columns, so likewise bookmark the free Search Console Data Exporter to download up to 25,000 lines all at once.

Get it: Search Console

Accommodating Add-on: Search Analytics for Sheets

6. Catchphrase Hero

Did someone say (not gave)? Catchphrase Hero attempts to take care of the issue of missing watchword information with heaps of cutting edge math and AI. It’s anything but an ideal framework, yet for those battling to coordinate with watchwords with transformation and other on location measurements, the information can be a significant positive development. Valuing is free up to 2000 meetings/month.

Get it: Keyword Hero

7. MozCast

The brainchild of Dr. Pete and the first Google SERP tracker, MozCast is the go-to calculation tracker at whatever point there’s a major update, or not. Likewise helpful are the SERP following elements showing the noticeable quality of such components as promotions and information boards.

Get it: MozCast

Likewise valuable: Algoroo, Rank Risk Index, Ayima Pulse


Explicit devices to ensure your site is crawlable and upgraded.

8. Pillar Us Up

On the off chance that you need a free, work area crawler, you can’t show improvement over Beam Us Up. While it doesn’t have however many provisions as Screaming Frog, it offers 100% free slithering unbounded. Windows as it were.

Get it: Beam Us Up

9. Connection Redirect Trace

A free Chrome augmentation, loads of SEOs suggest Link Redirect Trace as the “across the board divert way analyzer.” The expansion uncovers data about HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, robots.txt, and essential connection measurements from LinkResearchTools. The “Save Screenshot” highlight is really helpful as well.

Get it: Link Redirect Trace

10. Divert Path

Like Link Redirect Trace, Redirect Path is a clever device from the great people at Ayima that shows divert ways and header data for each URL you visit. Gotta concede, I’ve utilized this expansion for quite a long time and it’s nearly “consistently on” in my program.

Get it: Redirect Path

11. Shouting Frog

Beside having one of the most incredible Twitter records of any SEO instrument creator, Screaming Frog is the most well known work area based crawler accessible today. Many individuals don’t understand that there’s a free form that considers up to 500 URLs for each slither. While not as completely practical as the paid adaptation, it’s extraordinary for little undertakings and more modest site reviews.

Get it: Screaming Frog

12. Shouting Frog Log File Analyzer

Most people in the SEO space know about Screaming Frog, yet many don’t understand that the Frog additionally offers an independent free/paid Log File Analyzer device. The free form is exceptionally powerful, however restricted to 1000 lines.

Get it: Screaming Frog Log File Analyser

13. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a log investigation instrument suggested by Aleyda Solis in her extremely incredible SEO web recording Crawling Mondays. SEOlyzer is a fantastic log investigation instrument for certain cool provisions like continuous examination and page arrangement.

Get it: SEOlyzer

14. Xenu

Gotta be straightforward, in spite of the fact that Xenu has been on each “free SEO device” list since the beginning of, no chance did I figure it would make this one. This Windows-based work area crawler has been practically unaltered in the course of recent years. All things considered, a ton of people actually love and use it for essential site examining, searching for broken connections, and so forth Hell, I’m leaving here for wistful reasons. Look at it.

Get it: Xenu

Watchword Research

Instruments to find what individuals are looking for, alongside volume and rivalry.

15. Answer The Public

It’s hard not to cherish Answer The Public. The interface has a nearly “Cards Against Humanity” rebel energy to it. In any case, assuming you need to create a monstrous rundown of inquiries from any catchphrase set, this is your go-to apparatus.

Get it: Answer The Public

16. Keyword Explorer

In case you’re inexperienced with Moz’s astonishing catchphrase research apparatus, you should check it out. 500 million catchphrase ideas, all the most exact volume ranges in the business. You likewise get Moz’s renowned Keyword Difficulty Score alongside CTR information. Moz’s free local area account gives you admittance to 10 questions per month, with each inquiry in a real sense surrendering you to 1000 watchword ideas alongside SERP examination.

Get it: Keyword Explorer

17. Keyword Planner

Google’s own Keyword Planner was worked for people who purchase Google promotions, however it actually conveys a huge load of data helpful for SEO catchphrase arranging. It utilizes Google’s own information and has valuable capacities like nation separating. Be cautious with measurements like rivalry (this is intended for paid arrangements) and volume — which is known to be confounding.

Get it: Keyword Planner

18. Catchphrase Sh****r

Indeed, it’s called Keyword Sh****r. It torments me to compose this. All things considered, it says what it does and does what it says. Type in a catchphrase and it, um, craps out a crap ton of watchwords.

Get it: Keyword Sh****r

19. Catchphrase Surfer

We used to suggest Keywords Everywhere (still an incredible instrument) however they presently not offer a free form. As another option, the most famous local area based proposal—that is sans still—is Keyword Surfer. This Chrome augmentation gives you watchword search volume in Google query items. We’re likewise a devotee of WMS Everywhere, a Chrome augmentation that gives you search volume, cost-per-snap, and watchword ideas.

20. Ubersuggest

Some of the time I ridicule Neil Patel in light of the fact that he does SEO in his nightgown. I’m presumably desirous on the grounds that I don’t claim nightgown. In any case, Neil took over Ubersuggest in the no so distant past and gave it a significant by and large. In the event that you haven’t attempted it in some time, it currently goes far past watchword ideas and offers a great deal of broadened SEO capacities like essential connection measurements and top contender pages.

Devices to discover, assess, and measure backlink openings.

21.  ToRepudia teol

Google makes the Disavow Tool hard to track down on the grounds that most site proprietors as a rule don’t have to utilize it. However, when you do, it very well may be helpful for getting punishments eliminated and some SEOs depend on it for warding off adverse SEO. On the off chance that you decide to utilize this apparatus, be cautious and check with this aide on denying the right connections.

22. Connection Explorer

Connection Explorer is ostensibly the biggest, most elevated precision interface list and the most exact DA and backlink checker in the SEO world today, flaunting 35 trillion connections. The free record access gives you 10 questions and 50 columns of information for each inquiry consistently, in addition to adds essential connection measurements to the MozBar as you peruse the web.

23. Connection Miner

Connection Miner is a free Chrome expansion created by Jon Cooper, one of the bosses of third party referencing. Use it to rapidly discover broken connections on each page, just as consider essential to be measurements as you search Google. Basic, simple, and valuable.