Clipboard on iPhone (Everything You Need to Know)

Have you ever pondered the possibility of using shortcut options like Cut, Copy, and Paste and need help finding these options on your iPhone device?

We often face situations where we wish to send an identical message or text to several friends, web links, and account credentials. Instead of typing the text repeatedly, we employ the copy-and-paste option that helps us duplicate the exact text in seconds.

The Phone’s clipboard controls these, but clipboard functionality defers in Google and Apple devices, and for the scope of this writing, we’ll discuss all you need to know about clipboard on iPhones.


What is a Clipboard on iPhone?

A Clipboard is a built-in iPhone feature that serves as a temporary storehouse for copied content. In addition, iPhone device gives the option to Cut, Copy, and paste, which helps to copy a text and paste it into another location or app.

Unlike android devices, iPhone doesn’t allow users to edit clipboard content as there isn’t any built-in option to do this by default. The clipboard feature isn’t visible like other system apps, but if you wish to access the clipboard feature on your iPhone, here’s a list of 3 ways to access this feature.

How to Access clipboard on iPhone

The clipboard works by default in the background, and anything copied to the clipboard on iPhone is kept temporarily for future use.

Since iPhone doesn’t allow its users to edit or see clipboard content and doesn’t provide any default option to help users access the clipboard on iPhones, finding the clipboard option becomes difficult. Still, you don’t need to worry, as here’s a list of how to access the clipboard on your iPhone at your convenience.

• Create a Clipboard Shortcut

• Copy History on iPhone using the Notes Application

• Use Third-Party Clipboard Managers

We’ll explain each method to help you understand its usage and select the one that best suits your fancy.

1. Accessing iPhone Clipboard by Creating a Clipboard Shortcut

Accessing a clipboard on an iPhone by creating a clipboard is handy and less stressful. Below are easy steps to create a clipboard shortcut on your iPhone.

a) Search ”Shortcuts” application

b) Click on the ”Gallery” Menu

c) Search ” Adjust Clipboard” and open it

d) Tap the ”Add Shortcut” button

e) Return to the ”My Shortcut” tab.

You can browse through and find the shortcut you just created. Once you copy any text, message, or link on any app, you can find it by accessing the ”Adjust Clipboard” shortcut. This shortcut feature helps you edit your iPhone clipboard content on the go.

2) Clipboard on iPhone Using the Note Application

It may be shocking, but recent research has shown that the Notes app on iPhone can be an alternative to a clipboard. To access the clipboard on iPhone using the notes app, follow the procedures below:

a) Open the Note app on your iPhone

b) Create a new note

c) Allow the app to continue running in the background

d) Copy the text/link you wish to save

e) Return to the Note app, and paste the copied content

f) save your content in the new Note that you’ve created

Now you’re set! Saving copied content on the note app is done manually, so anytime you copy anything, open the note app and paste it here to use at your convenience.

3) Clipboard on iPhone using Third-Party Clipboard Manager

Accessing the clipboard on the iPhone can also be done using a third-party app. Of course, a third-party app is a must if you’re like me, who loves to save every content I copy.

These apps help you access the clipboard iPhone. If you need a recommended third-party app to access the clipboard on your iPhone, then you can try out Clip+. This app helps store copied contents and gives instant access from the Notification Center to paste copied items into any app.

How to Find The Clipboard on an iPhone

As stated earlier, the clipboard is a spectacular feature that allows iPhone users to store text, messages, and links for future use.

The clipboard feature is accessible from the keyboard and lies in the top-right corner of the screen.

For those asking how to access the clipboard, press the keyboard button in the top-right corner, and you’ll find a menu with options like Copy, Cut, and Paste.

Clipboard History on iPhone

Clipboard history is a critical topic when considering clipboards on iPhone devices. We often scan through our iPhones, searching for previously copied content, only to get frustrated when we don’t find it.

Viewing clipboard history on an iPhone device is impossible. However, unlike Android and other intelligent smartphone devices that allow users access to clipboard history, iOS devices can only store one copied text or image at a time.

Suppose you’re one of those who must have searched everywhere on their iPhone searching for clipboard history. In that case, it’s time to end your search because you aren’t going to find it, but if you continue reading, we’ll show you an escape route that’ll enable you to save your clipboard history and access them later.

Before we go into that, it would interest you to know that even though the iPhone doesn’t have a built-in clipboard history icon, users can gain access to the last thing they copy. If you would love to learn how to view the last thing you copied on your iPhone clipboard, here are a few steps to help you.

How to View the Last Thing You Copied on an iPhone

Although you can’t access your clipboard history on your iPhone device, all your copied items aren’t lost, as the iPhone allows you to access the last thing you copied.

The iPhone Note app is a powerful tool for checking out the last thing you copied on your device. Below is a list of steps to guide you.

a) Right at the home screen, swipe your finger to the right, and you’ll find a search window at the top of the screen

b) Inside the search box, type in the words ”notes.”

c) After you’ve successfully done this, you’ll find a Note app; tap on it to launch the Note app

d) Open a new note by clicking on the icon of the square with a pencil

e) Once a new note opens, press and hold your finger in the middle of the screen, and you’ll find a pop-up menu with several options

f) Click on the word ”Paste,” and you’ll find the last item you copied on the screen.

You can also employ this method to help you keep a record of everything you’ve copied. It’s a bit tedious as you have to do this manually, but it’s worthwhile and a great tool to help you keep a record of previously copied items.

Apps to Save Your Clipboard History on iPhone

Since iPhone can’t save your clipboard history, App developers saw the need to create several apps to help fill the void and help iPhone users access their clipboard history using these apps.

If you don’t have the patience to manually paste your copied text and link into your Note App, you can download apps that will help you do it, and here’s a list of some of the most popular apps to help you access clipboard history on iPhone.


Clipboard++ is a free app that allows you to save up copied items and store them for future use. The app is unique as not only does it gives you access to save copied items, but it also recognizes phone numbers and web links. 

If you love keeping a record of everything you copy on your iPhone device, Clipboard++ is the perfect fit. The app is also compatible with iOS 7.0 and higher versions.


CLIP+ is another fantastic app that allows you to save copied text on iPhones. The app is a user-friendly copy-and-paste clipboard manager that automatically keeps everything you copy on your iPhone.

It stores text, messages, photos, links, and phone numbers for future use. CLIP+ recognizes different types of information ranging from saved links to phone numbers, and users can call saved numbers with a single tap.

Unlike Clipboard++, a free app, CLIP+ isn’t free to use, but the cost is minimal. In addition, the app is compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher.

Paste 2

Paste 2, just like Clipboard++, is a free clipboard manager that stores copied contents for future use. The app is easy for those who love to save copied items on their iPhones and access them later.

Paste 2 recognizes web links and phone numbers, but its only constraint is that it’s only compatible with iOS 14.0 and higher hence it won’t work on other older versions.

How to Use The Clipboard on iPhone

A clipboard is a handy tool that allows users to quickly store and retrieve text and images. You can use the clipboard feature by tapping and holding on any text field in your iOS and selecting ”Paste” from the pop-up menu.

How to Clear The Clipboard on iPhone

Every iPhone user uses their device for several tasks daily, from chatting with friends to surfing the web, sending text messages and emails, and lots of other things.

While we multitask our devices to achieve this task, the iPhone keeps track of everything you copy or paste; This is the clipboard function, as it helps us save something and share the same message or link with multiple persons.

Over time, the clipboard gets cluttered with unwanted data, and we may need to clear out these data to help our device function properly. To clear out your clipboard, follow the steps outlined below.

a) Click on the Settings app on your iPhone

b) Tap on General

c) Scroll down and click on Reset

d) Tap on ”Reset All Settings.”

e) Enter your password and tap the ”Reset All Settings” again to confirm

f) After this, your phone will restart and clear all data on your clipboard.

How to Copy and Paste Video from Clipboard on iPhone?

Aside from copying and pasting text and links between apps, the clipboard can also copy and paste videos.

If you would love to learn how to copy and paste videos using a clipboard on iPhone, here’s how: 

a) Open the app that contains the video you wish to copy

b) Locate the video and tap on it to open it.

c) Tap on the share icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, and you’ll find a menu with several options for sharing the video.

d) Scroll through the options and find ”Copy to Clipboard.”

e) Tap on the ”Copy to Clipboard” option, and you’ll successfully copy the video to your iPhone’s clipboard.

f) Next, locate the open you wish to paste the video and tap on any text field to bring up your keyboard.

g) Tap and hold on the field, and you’ll find a menu with several options

h) Click on the ”Paste from Clipboard,” and your copied video will reflect in the text field.


When I copy an image on my iPhone, where does it go? 

iPhone users often ponder where a copied image or text goes. Every item copied on the iPhone is saved on the clipboard, although you won’t be able to see them as the iPhone doesn’t feature a clipboard app.

Does the iPhone device have a default clipboard history app?

Absolutely No! iPhones don’t have a built-in clipboard history app like Androids and other smartphones. Instead, iPhones are structured to store one copied data at a time, but if you want to keep track of copied items on your iPhone, you can download one of the recommended apps stated above in clipboard history.


Clipboard has made it possible for smartphone users to send the exact text to several apps and contacts without going through the stress of typing afresh. In addition, a clipboard is a valuable feature for storing copied history like pictures, links, and videos and prepares them for future use.

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