#BBNaija: “When my dad died I took his gun and chased all my relatives from the house” – Cross


On Saturday, fourteenth of August while the housemates ready for their Saturday night party, Cross recounted an individual story he has never partaken in the house to housemate Peace.

Ostensibly perhaps the most quiet and gathered housemates on this season show, Cross, uncovers how he wasn’t generally a quiet individual but instead an extremely furious and “frantic” individual in his teen years.

He imparted his story to Peace about losing his father at 15 years old and this drove him an exceptionally crazy individual.

During his season of distress he additionally said he despised how an excessive number of individuals consistently come around the house to offer their appreciation and at some point “I went up to my father’s room, took his shotgun, pointed noticeable all around and requested that everyone get out!”, he expressed.

He further proceeded to disclose to Peace how his Anger landed him in jail while he was youthful. On talking about this he additionally needed Peace to realize that he has chipped away at his character a ton which has made him the manner in which he is today, an individual who can never get “exceptionally furious and pissed” any longer