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5 Tips For Creating Realistic New Year’s Conversions Pure Pandemic

Pandemic, 5 Tips For Creating Realistic New Year’s Conversions Pure Pandemic

When considering setting personal resolutions for 2021, it is important to note that the goal-setting process and the behavior that has been chosen to achieve the goals this year may look different due to the pandemic.

General New Year’s health-related commitments include weight loss (as highlighted by many of the strategies you’ll find in our effective weight loss mini-course) and regular gym visits. In addition to fitness, common New Year’s resolutions include trying something new, achieving a better work-life balance, spending more time with friends and family, and more. .

Due to local guidelines and restrictions caused by COVID-19, many of the behaviors that are usually chosen to achieve these goals vary in appearance, even after the end of the year.

The good news is that we can still make realistic and achievable New Year’s resolutions for the coming year that are in line with our growth and development. To achieve this, we need to start the goal-setting process with a SMART goal philosophy and keep a few tips and adjustments in mind. Goals are successful if they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-specific.


Specifically, we must clearly define the behavior we want to achieve, instead of keeping it in general. For example, instead of setting a goal to eat healthier, the goal is to eat more vegetables. The measurable part of SMART goals means we need to define the frequency or quantity with which we measure success. Let’s take the example above. To make this goal more measurable is to say, “I want to eat vegetables with food at least six days a week.”

The specific time factor of SMART goals means that it is important to set a start and end date for reaching the goal. To improve and achieve your goals for 2021 during a pandemic, we will focus more on the achievable and realistic causes of the SMART goal. It is not the specific, measurable and time-specific aspects of the goal that have changed, but what is achievable and realistic.

To this end, it is important to revise the usual New Year’s resolutions to make them more achievable and realistic.

Below are tips on how to make regular New Year’s resolutions available and realistic despite the pandemic.


If your regular New Year’s resolutions are about losing weight and even more so after sports school, then it may be an important consideration for this year to exchange part of the fitness center for something you can do almost indoors or outdoors.

Instead of saying you go to a sports school more often, consider setting a goal that will include signing up to your local fitness center or Peloton’s on-demand virtual offer, taking many virtual fitness lessons live, or even signing up for a workout. with a virtual personal trainer. Your goal may also include a combination of all three.

Participation in this change makes the target for the coming year more realistic and achievable, especially if the gyms are temporarily closed again. The advantage of choosing live rates over on-demand rates is that you can post the first ones at a fixed time and day.

Regular exercise and working with others can help maintain a habit over time. In incorporating these changes, it is important to realize that whatever you do at home and in a virtual environment can help you stay in line with your fitness program, regardless of the fitness center in the post-pandemic period. world.


If your resolve has to do with trying something new that requires personal learning, such as a cooking or sculpture course, this may not be possible due to a pandemic. If you want to learn something new, think about what you can try in the comfort of your home.

For example, buy a Rosetta Stone to learn a new language, try a virtual ballet lesson for the first time, buy a Home Farm Salad Grow if you are planning gardening in the garden, or a DIY book reading project to start a DIY project.

To make these types of goals more achievable and realistic, choose what you can do within budget and in the comfort of your own home without having to rely on a customized classroom environment.


Spending more quality time with friends and family is a popular and typical New Year’s resolution, although it looks very different due to pandemics and related security protocols. If personal interaction with loved ones is not possible, then set a realistic and achievable goal that revolves around what you can do outside of face-to-face meetings.

For example, you can watch a video with a different friend every week, have a weekly family call on FaceTime or Zoom, or even set up a monthly game night with friends using online games like Kahoot and so on. There are many online applications and options. practically connect with loved ones.


Finding a better work-life balance can be a popular goal for most in 2021 due to the long hours of working from home, the blurred line between starting and ending work, and the feeling of relaxation and change in one’s personal time. If it’s important for you to make New Year’s resolutions that revolve around a better work-life balance, it’s important to start small and build on that. Start with a specific event you can do each day and make it a habit before attending another event.

Deleting work memories (such as working with a laptop) from your environment once you work all day can be a realistic and achievable New Year’s resolution. Another example might be starting with a daily 30-minute pre-work ritual that helps set boundaries and prevent at least 15-30 minutes of daily work. self-care in the form of meditation, exercise or reading.


Healthy eating is a common New Year’s resolution, but by 2020 it could see an increase in popularity due to growing consumption of alcohol, sugar and food. Whatever the pandemic, make it realistic and achieving concrete goals requires concrete action.

If we repeat our previous example, instead of creating a common goal, such as “no food,” choose a specific action, such as “eating vegetables with food.” Doing so will help increase your chances of success while making nutritional goals easier to achieve.

Once the habit (eating more vegetables) becomes consistent, a second healthy habit can be built. The most important thing to keep in mind about food-related solutions is not to allow the pandemic to blame. You will learn more about healthy eating strategies as part of our free “Eat healthy at home mini-course”.

With or without a pandemic, there are always ways to (1) improve our online food or food delivery decisions, (2) reduce sugar and alcohol consumption, and (3) push for meat-free Mondays and include a healthier plant-based diet. food.

As these examples show, it is important to succeed by adapting and changing our goals in response to the specific challenges of each year. This will help us increase our success in achieving personalized New Year’s resolutions despite the pandemic.


Seeing your resolutions requires determination and determination. Using these tips is a great way to stay consistent.

Another very good option for keeping resolutions is to help others achieve their goals.

You can answer for yourself and learn new techniques for healthy, realistic resolutions by becoming a personal trainer and training clients through their weight loss or fitness goals.

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